Pricing & Packages


Basic, one hour session, typically used for headshots or mini sessions.
One hour long, basic edits.
Prints and digitals separate.
Custom packages and a la cart available.



2-3 hour session, depending on the type Includes hair and makeup application, styling and posing guidance. Minimal editing on previewed images, deluxe editing on purchased images. Packages start at $1,450. All Ages.



3 hour session. Professional hair and make up for up to 2 people. Ultimate pampering. In detail editing on your favorite images. Top print package included, including your choice of folio box or album, free surprise gift from the studio, and so much more.

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Do you shoot elopements?

Yes! We love them. Fully inclusive packages starting at $2,500.

I don't see what I was looking for, can I change a package or session type to fit my needs?

Yes! Everything I offer is fully customizable. Book a consultation today and let's plan your dream session.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Possibly! We try to only schedule one client per day, so that we can give you our utmost attention, however, we still have families and other things might come up. However, if things are going well and there is nothing prohibiting it, we are all for it.

Are your glamour sessions like Glamour Shots from back in the day.?

Sigh. NO. What they are is an amazing experience unlike anything else you have ever had. People compare it to getting to live out childhood fantasies of playing in fancy jewelry and clothes and feeling so pretty and admired you thought you might bust from the joy of it. We treat it like a moment out of time, to just play, have a wonderful time, feel really pretty and get some amazing photos you can treasure and pass down.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Initially, yes you do. However, with every large print that you purchase, (7x10 and up) you can the corresponding digital image. It's your to do with what you will. With smaller print purchases, you receive a digital app for your phone. It's great for sharing online, but not good for printing.

Do you offer pet photography?

Yes! We love making beautiful custom pet portraits. Pets are billed the same as our other sessions, you just pick the style that you like and we go from there. Currently, pet portraits are shot in-home or on location.

Why do you have such a large variety of styles and edits on your portfolio gallery?

Because we offer a large variety of styles and edits. We don't like to leave anyone out, and after getting a lot of request for a lot of different things, we threw out the "standard look" for everything and now we just give people what they want. So feel free to ask for whatever it is that you want, because we love to serve.

Do you offer Boudoir?

Yes! But with a twist. We inject a ton of personality in everything that we do, so be prepared to have a lot of fun, and get a session where the real you shines through at your best. You might notice there are no examples on this site, or any of the social media. That's because we value our clients' privacy. We never share those, they are just for you. If you need to see examples, feel free to schedule a consultation.

Why do I have to come in for a consultation ?

You are busy, we get it. However, what we are trying to create for you is a custom experience and custom art made to perfectly fit your wants and desires. We need to see you, talk to you, and get to know you a little in order to truly meet those needs and expectations. Imagine ordering a custom couture dress from your favorite designer and not showing up for a fitting. You still might get the dress, and it still might fit, but you will have missed out on the experience of the fitting, time with the designer as well as the experience of receiving an item that was made to fit you perfectly.
The Consultation can make all the difference.

JoLee Art and Photography is located at 611 SW Federal Highway, Suite G, Stuart, FL 34952
772-210 6917

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