Editorial : Telling the Story

Editorial images are typically meant to be more natural, story telling images. They are meant to communicate a message that artist and the subject want the viewer to understand. With Editorial style images from JoLee Art And Photography, we combine the traditional aspects of editorial with our artistic style portraiture into a unique look that is both relaxed, communicative and beautiful.

Editorial style portraits can be used for both personal portraits, or for a fun branding session like we utilized here with Jill Hanson with Wicked Wines. We start with a consultation, and plan out your session. The consultation can be done in person (preferred,) or over the phone or Google meet. It allows us to focus in on what your needs and objectives are, so we can formulate a plan to best accomplish them. From personal portraits to small business, to cooperate and beyond, editorial style is a fantastic way to beautifully communicate your message.